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Player vs Player &
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cryptocurrency gambling games!

Round 2 sale is live

15,000,000 GBTS

Round 2 sale 15,000,000 GBTS at $0.005

Round 3 sale 25,000,000 GBTS at $0.008

Round 4 sale 10,000,000 GBTS at $0.010

ETH address 0xe0AEf4C123a0b4B62f5d8d9BF0CfB52D644873c2
Bitcoin (segwit) 38ULa29kyuGhziwicNuwzyW1vCatPcjSVE
Bitcoin (native segwit) bc1qpuw0yulz9mw8cz7sz5ynfp260ncu6q669llzg9
Ripple rwZYD53yNQWwjwbog2FRUyPVVtFgAn1U7U
Litecoin MS2M23UrUFhXJUShEiKFAPpTJ7faNuzxmd

GBTS Token Contract
Discord: CryptoHuff#0642
Telegram: @CryptoHuff

Hello! I am Arthur aka. CryptoHuff, the founder of the GemBites project. I got my first crypto coin back in 2013 and I have been dwelling into nearly every niche you possible can in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space – mining, trading, investing, advertising, marketing, shilling, fudding, hodling. Along the way I have connected with many active people in the crypto space – programmers, designers, developers, investors, marketers for coin/token projects, mining rigs, trading exchanges, and advertising projects of all sort.

After all these years I have finally come up with something that I want to develop together with excellent people I have come across. Cryptocurrency and gaming are the two things closest to my heart. I decided to combine these two together and so GemBites was born. The GemBites team is developing beautiful and exciting gambling games that you can gamble on with our native GBTS cryptocurrency coin (purchased with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin). We want to bring cryptocurrency gambling not only on the WEB, but also on mobile phones, smart-watches and VR mediums. If you would like to contribute - get in touch with me!


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Lucky Shot


  • November - December

    Launching of the Lucky Shot and GemBites gambling games live on

    First & second exchange listing, marketing campaign on Youtube and Twitter

  • January - April

    Launching our custom Inventory & Marketplace system on for users to trade game collectibles

    Launching a new game every month: Rock Paper Scissors, BlackJack, Dice Roll, Battleships

    Integration of NFT collectibles into the Lucky Shot game

    Third exchange listing, marketing campaign on Youtube and Twitter

  • May - August

    Launching of the Zombie Standoff gambling game live on

    Launching of the mobile gambling games marketplace and optimizing all games for mobile devices

    Development of the Virtual Reality lobby where players can hang out and play

Discord: CryptoHuff#0642 Telegram: @CryptoHuff E-mail: [email protected]
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