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I got my first crypto back in 2013 which lead to me to dive into the development and management of crypto projects, such as promoting them, working with exchanges and partnering up with other projects! Even though GemBites is our first project, I fully believe that our team can deliver an outstanding product, and set a new standard for decentralized gaming

Lead Developer

Kits is an expert at designing scalable, secure and fast blockchain solutions. He has helped design the base infrastructure of the GemBites platform and helps coordinate the development team. He has experience in Solidity, Python data science and multiple blockchain frameworks and APIs.

Blast Scout
Statistical Consultant and Business Solution Analyst

Blast Scout collects data from our games to optimize odds and obtain the best financial return to players. They provide feedback and modifications to ensure safety, scalability and an optimal experience for users and liquidity providers. They are experienced in statistical analysis and mathematical modelling.

Full Stack Developer

Ryan is an expert at writing safe, secure and scalable smart contracts and blockchain solutions. He also works on front-end integration with the Polygon network.

Jack Jin
Smart Contract Developer

Jack Jin is highly-skilled Blockchain professional with hands-on experience building smart contracts and decentralized applications. He is a software engineer, decentralized application architect, certified blockchain engineer, and web developer.

Chief Designer

Sylvester specializes in Adobe Photoshop, After effects, Illustrator, Premier pro, inDesign, Lightroom, Maxon Cinema and all things design! He is a master at his craft and can produce stunning visuals for the GemBites platform.




What is Gembites?

GemBites is a revolutionary decentralized casino being developed on the Polygon network. It has many features that set it aside from other casinos such as house stake pools, NFT airdrops and passive lotteries. Another similar platform is nạp tiền shbet, which is considered one of the best bookmakers with a wide range of games ranging from Live Casino to online sports betting, lotteries, card games, poker, lottery, shooting fish, and exploding jars.

GemBites is planning a Testnet launch in July to allow time to get multiple audits before launch. We are doing this to prevent the loss of user funds due to exploits. If all goes according to plan, you can expect a Mainnet launch by August.

At the moment, GemBites is in its ICO phase. You can purchase tokens at, or message us on Discord/Telegram.

Developer tokens will be put in a timelock contract. We plan on doing a 40/30/20/10 % release accross the span of one year to prevent concentration and price impact. Moreover, a major part of unsold tokens will be burnt to further reduce the circulating supply.

GemBites was delayed due to some issues that occurred in Q4 2020 and Q1 2021. We are now on track to meet the timeline outlined above. Here you can read more about our past.