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Exchange listing price 1 GBTS = $0.004

1 ETH = 150,000 GBTS

2 ETH = 350,000 GBTS

3 ETH = 600,000 GBTS

4 ETH = 900,000 GBTS

ETH address 0x4BD66e7D586B2af3C1165467689df4B8d1EdE39F

Max Supply: 100,000,000 GBTS

For GBTS purchase with ETH or other coins contact:
Discord: GemBites#0642
Telegram: @CryptoHuff

The sale is done manually to avoid heavy bot manipulation of the token price. To get tokens either send ETH to the address given above or contact me.

Hello! I am the founder of the GemBites project. I got my first crypto coin back in 2013 and I have been dwelling into nearly every niche you possible can in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space – mining, trading, investing, marketing and all such things. I have even written smart contracts! Along this amazing and wild ride through blockchain, I met many talented people such as programmers, designers, developers, investors and marketers! This amazing community is what will propel the GemBites project further! The plan for Gembites is to develop and market exciting gambling games together with a marketplace for collectible NFTs and even never before seen mobile gambling! which use our native GBTS token. The key to success is to diligently work and communicate with your team and community for the best growth. This is the motivation for our gambling games, the collectible marketplace as well as the mobile GemBites platfrom. We take suggestions from our community, whether it is negative or positive feedback, and make our platform the best it can be! Lets revolutionise gambling, into something that has never been seen before!

Have a look at the team, products and the road-map below!


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Lucky Shot


  • December

    Launching of the Lucky Shot and GemBites gambling games live on

    First exchange listing, marketing campaign on Youtube and Twitter

  • January - April

    Launching our custom Inventory & Marketplace system on for users to trade game collectibles

    Launching a new game every month: Rock Paper Scissors, BlackJack, Dice Roll, Battleships

    Integration of NFT collectibles into the Lucky Shot game

    Second exchange listing, marketing campaign on Youtube and Twitter

  • May - August

    Launching of the Zombie Standoff gambling game live on

    Launching of the mobile gambling games marketplace and optimizing all games for mobile devices

    Development of the Virtual Reality lobby where players can hang out and play

Discord: GemBites#0642 Telegram: @CryptoHuff E-mail: [email protected]
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